Welcome to MACCRAY Public Schools!  My goal of becoming a Superintendent in a School District such as MACCRAY, is that I recognize MACCRAY as having provided excellence in education to the students of the district with the beliefs consistent to that of my own.  I am excited to utilize my experiences and visioning to further develop all areas of the District that are in the best interest of the students we serve.  The future of the MACCRAY Public School District, whose student population is steady, financially stable, and fiscally responsible, has the potential for growth that will propel the District into an even brighter future of success, being a leader in the region in academics and activities. 

As superintendent, it is my responsibility, along with the School Board, staff, parents and members of the communities to provide the best opportunities for our students to experience success.  By providing students with the best teachers, facilities and the necessary curricular, extra-curricular experiences, the students will be poised to achieve the highest level possible and look forward to working with all of you to meet and exceed your expectations.

As I begin my
31st year in education and my fourth year as Superintendent for the MACCRAY Public Schools, I share with you how proud I am for the opportunity to serve the students, parents, staff and communities.  My wife, Sherri, and I are grateful to live and work in an area that cares deeply for the students and families served and we look forward to a continued presence.  By being actively involved and visible participants in the communities, we are excited to be part of the bright future for MACCRAY.

District Mission Statement:
Provide an environment for individuals to become knowledgeable, respectful, independent lifelong learners who are positive contributors to society.

District Goals:
The environment of the MACCRAY School District will be safe, nurturing, and professional to:
  • Support and promote educational success of ALL.
    • Monitor programs for sustained growth.
    • Continued development of Community Education offerings.
  • Promote social wellness through District and Community initiatives.
    • Backpack program
    • School Age Care program
  • Provide educational opportunities that are rigorous, challenging and fair for ALL students.
    • Increase opportunities for advanced level courses
    • Addition of pre-school programming.
  • Reflect high standards of work, discipline and values.
    • Alignment of curriculum to the state standards
      • Grade level alignment of curriculum
    • Disaggregation of student data
    • Implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)
  • Enhance and utilize technology.
    • Keep all web content current
    • Integrate technology into the classroom curriculum
  • Encourage and support all educators to be highly qualified and enthusiastic.
    • Continued attendance in professional development and sharing opportunities